Let’s start by clarifying that Miami is NOT a city that lends itself to take buses, subways or taxis. Here you do not raise your hand and catch taxis like in many other cities in the world. In Miami, in general, to get a taxi, you have to call him by phone, and you had better do it because if we don’t predict that you’re going to sweat a lot. That being said, you better find out a couple of details:

  • Taxis are bright yellow in color and circulate throughout the city.
  • They do not have defined taxi ranks with the exception of the airport.
  • The best way to get them is by calling them on the phone.
  • If you see one roaming the street and you want to stop it, it is important to make sure that it is legal.

To find out if a taxi is legal, consider these points:

  • It is important that the taxi bears the letters “Taxi” or “cab” drawn on both sides of the vehicle.
  • The phone also has to display it on both parts of the car.
  • The license number must appear on at least six different taxi locations.
  • You also have to show the license number and the cost of the taxi. Taxis in Miami generally charge by the marker. They are $ 2.50 for the first 1/6 mile and $ 0.40 for each additional 1/6 mile. They also charge you $ 0.40 for each minute they wait and an extra $ 2 if you come from the airport.

Approximate rates (so they don’t rip you off)

  • From the airport (MIA) to the port of Miami $ 27.99
  • From Ft. Lauderdale Airport to the Port of Miami $ 67.34
  • From the airport to Ocean Drive in South Beach $ 30.88
  • From Miami Airport to Lincoln Rd in South Beach $ 33.02
  • From Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Miami Airport (MIA) $ 67.69
  • From Ft. Lauderdale Airport to Ocean Drive $ 60.78
  • From the Port of Miami to Miami Airport (MIA) $ 25.93

Keep in mind that you will be responsible for paying any toll, and also, the driver expects a tip of 10-20%. They will also charge you extra for tolls. You can always befriend a taxi driver and set a rate with him for a day or more. If you do not want to do this and prefer to call a taxi whenever you need it, here we give you several phones.

In Miami, all taxis have air conditioning because otherwise, the driver would have the pressure through the clouds. If you have a bad experience with a taxi in Miami, you can write down the name of the driver, the license number, and the registration number and contact the taxi complaint line at 305-375 2460.

Other options

  • Shared bus —You can also take a shared shuttle between two or three people, which is much cheaper. If you arrive at Miami International Airport, you can call the SuperShuttle Company at 305-871-2000. The prices are made to depend on the destination since, in terms of rates; Miami is divided into zones, depending on the zip code. If you decide to take a taxi from the airport because you are grounded, do not forget to check with the taxi driver the fixed rates established for five of the busiest areas of Miami.
  • Water taxis — If you want something more exotic and fun, you can take a water taxi. These have two main routes that operate from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. These are the phones and the places they reach.

The growth of a city like Miami does not stop, and that is why it is always ready to find the best way to give its visitors a form of transportation tailored to their needs and expectations. In many metropolises around the world, simply leaving the airport requires their passengers to find an efficient means of reaching their destination, and although factors such as the weather, festive dates, the state of motorways and traffic influence this journey. , the word TAXI is inseparable from this event.

In our beloved Miami, the city that according to the official figures of the MIA (Miami International Airport) has received in 2013 neither more nor less than 40.6 million travelers, many who for various reasons decide to go to their destination by taxi; perhaps to your hotel in the heart of South Beach, to the port to take your dream cruise, or to the north with the aim of reaching the beautiful beaches of Sunny Isles.

Where are the taxis?

After collection of luggage and outside (on the lower level, where are located the arrival terminals D, E, F, and H) find taxi service available 24 hours as whose organization depends on staff who generally speak English and Spanish, who will assist you in reaching your destination. They can consult each and every one of the doubts you have and request a minivan if you are part of a large group. You can find out about the rates that are also displayed at the stops and also in each yellow car.

How much does a taxi from the airport cost?

The price of a taxi ride from the Miami airport, we can differentiate into two categories: the timed rate and flat rate.

To give an example, the price of a trip from MIA to the Tides hotel located in South Beach (1220 Ocean Drive), has a flat rate of $ 35 … the only extra amount, not mandatory, that you can consider is the tip that is usually calculated from au $ s1 per suitcase plus a rounding of u $ s 1 or u $ s 2 additional. If you prefer to calculate this tip as a percentage, we could define it like 10% … that is, a final price of $ 38.

Prices are expressed in US dollars.

Miami Beach | South

  • Lincoln Rd (Zone 4)
  • $ 35.00

Miami Beach | Central

  • 41st Street (Zone 4)
  • $ 35.00

Miami Beach | North

  • 71st Street (Zone 3)
  • Bal Harbor (Zone 2)
  • $ 40.00
  • $ 46.00

Sunny isles

  • 163rd Street (Zone 1)
  • 185th Street (Zone 1)
  • $ 55.00
  • $ 55.00

Key Biscayne

  • Zone 5
  • $ 44.00

And something cheaper than taxis?

Uber undoubtedly. The exponential growth of this modern technological platform unites drivers with passengers in the largest cities in the world and is the best alternative to taxis both for its safety, efficiency, and low cost.

Taxi by the clock to Miami and nearby towns

Except for the flat rate from MIA to the Port of Miami (the port with the highest traffic in the world through which 4 million tourists pass each year), and certain areas of the beautiful city of Coral Gables, other destinations will be priced by the ratio of taxi distance/time. In this case, to calculate these rates per watch, you can take into account that the first mile has a value of $ 6.90 (includes the airport tax) and the following miles $ 2.40. Keep in mind that one mile equals 1.60 km. The waiting time will be charged at a rate of $ 0.40 per minute.…

Miami is not a very suitable city for the use of public transport, because of its extension the distances are long, as well as there is not much availability of buses or taxis. It is not easy to get a taxi on the street, so the most common is to call them by phone.

– It is not advisable to take a taxi on the street since there is a risk of using one that is not legal and exposing yourself to insecurity.

– To know that a taxi in Miami is authorized, you must have the word “taxi” or “cab” on both sides, in addition to carrying the company’s telephone number. It must also show the license number and the cost of the service.

– In case of passing through any toll, the passenger must pay the cost of it. It is customary to leave the driver a tip that ranges between ten and twenty percent.

– In case you have any problem or bad experience with a taxi, you should take note of the driver’s name, license number, and registration and call the taxi complaint line 305-375-2460.

– In Miami, there are the so-called water taxis, which offer their users a fun and novel experience. They are in service from ten in the morning until eleven at night.

– Currently, there are so-called smart taxis, which are controlled thanks to applications on smartphones. This service is faster and safer, since the complete data of the driver and his car remain on the mobile, from the first contact.

– The best Apps to use for the taxi service are Gett – Taxi & Black Cab Service, Hailo, Easy Taxi, Taxi Magic, Uber, and Lyft.

– In the city of Miami, there is also the option of “shuttle” or shared taxis, which is cheaper since it is shared between two or three people. At Miami International Airport, you can get the service by calling 305-871-2000.

– The rates for the busiest places are flat, for example, for Downtown or South Beach. For these sites, the cost will not be governed by the taximeter, but by an agreed amount before the trip.

How have you been with taxis in Miami? Tell us about your experience in the comments that will surely be of interest to these people. Be sure to visit the best rhinoplasty expert in Miami during your travels.

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