The growth of a city like Miami does not stop, and that is why it is always ready to find the best way to give its visitors a form of transportation tailored to their needs and expectations. In many metropolises around the world, simply leaving the airport requires their passengers to find an efficient means of reaching their destination, and although factors such as the weather, festive dates, the state of motorways and traffic influence this journey. , the word TAXI is inseparable from this event.

In our beloved Miami, the city that according to the official figures of the MIA (Miami International Airport) has received in 2013 neither more nor less than 40.6 million travelers, many who for various reasons decide to go to their destination by taxi; perhaps to your hotel in the heart of South Beach, to the port to take your dream cruise, or to the north with the aim of reaching the beautiful beaches of Sunny Isles.

Where are the taxis?

After collection of luggage and outside (on the lower level, where are located the arrival terminals D, E, F, and H) find taxi service available 24 hours as whose organization depends on staff who generally speak English and Spanish, who will assist you in reaching your destination. They can consult each and every one of the doubts you have and request a minivan if you are part of a large group. You can find out about the rates that are also displayed at the stops and also in each yellow car.

How much does a taxi from the airport cost?

The price of a taxi ride from the Miami airport, we can differentiate into two categories: the timed rate and flat rate.

To give an example, the price of a trip from MIA to the Tides hotel located in South Beach (1220 Ocean Drive), has a flat rate of $ 35 … the only extra amount, not mandatory, that you can consider is the tip that is usually calculated from au $ s1 per suitcase plus a rounding of u $ s 1 or u $ s 2 additional. If you prefer to calculate this tip as a percentage, we could define it like 10% … that is, a final price of $ 38.

Prices are expressed in US dollars.

Miami Beach | South

  • Lincoln Rd (Zone 4)
  • $ 35.00

Miami Beach | Central

  • 41st Street (Zone 4)
  • $ 35.00

Miami Beach | North

  • 71st Street (Zone 3)
  • Bal Harbor (Zone 2)
  • $ 40.00
  • $ 46.00

Sunny isles

  • 163rd Street (Zone 1)
  • 185th Street (Zone 1)
  • $ 55.00
  • $ 55.00

Key Biscayne

  • Zone 5
  • $ 44.00

And something cheaper than taxis?

Uber undoubtedly. The exponential growth of this modern technological platform unites drivers with passengers in the largest cities in the world and is the best alternative to taxis both for its safety, efficiency, and low cost.

Taxi by the clock to Miami and nearby towns

Except for the flat rate from MIA to the Port of Miami (the port with the highest traffic in the world through which 4 million tourists pass each year), and certain areas of the beautiful city of Coral Gables, other destinations will be priced by the ratio of taxi distance/time. In this case, to calculate these rates per watch, you can take into account that the first mile has a value of $ 6.90 (includes the airport tax) and the following miles $ 2.40. Keep in mind that one mile equals 1.60 km. The waiting time will be charged at a rate of $ 0.40 per minute.…