Tips For Using A Taxi Or An Uber In Miami, FL

Miami is not a very suitable city for the use of public transport, because of its extension the distances are long, as well as there is not much availability of buses or taxis. It is not easy to get a taxi on the street, so the most common is to call them by phone.

– It is not advisable to take a taxi on the street since there is a risk of using one that is not legal and exposing yourself to insecurity.

– To know that a taxi in Miami is authorized, you must have the word “taxi” or “cab” on both sides, in addition to carrying the company’s telephone number. It must also show the license number and the cost of the service.

– In case of passing through any toll, the passenger must pay the cost of it. It is customary to leave the driver a tip that ranges between ten and twenty percent.

– In case you have any problem or bad experience with a taxi, you should take note of the driver’s name, license number, and registration and call the taxi complaint line 305-375-2460.

– In Miami, there are the so-called water taxis, which offer their users a fun and novel experience. They are in service from ten in the morning until eleven at night.

– Currently, there are so-called smart taxis, which are controlled thanks to applications on smartphones. This service is faster and safer, since the complete data of the driver and his car remain on the mobile, from the first contact.

– The best Apps to use for the taxi service are Gett – Taxi & Black Cab Service, Hailo, Easy Taxi, Taxi Magic, Uber, and Lyft.

– In the city of Miami, there is also the option of “shuttle” or shared taxis, which is cheaper since it is shared between two or three people. At Miami International Airport, you can get the service by calling 305-871-2000.

– The rates for the busiest places are flat, for example, for Downtown or South Beach. For these sites, the cost will not be governed by the taximeter, but by an agreed amount before the trip.

How have you been with taxis in Miami? Tell us about your experience in the comments that will surely be of interest to these people. Be sure to visit the best rhinoplasty expert in Miami during your travels.

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